5 Steps Lawyers Take After Truck Accidents in Towson, MD

After a trucking accident, most victims immediately file a claim against the responsible party. While most accident victims hire legal representation, others navigate the process on their own. Whether or not a person has a lawyer, their claim must be backed by evidence that establishes the defendant’s liability. Here, readers will learn how a lawyer can help them gather the proof they need to build a case.

Preserving Evidence

Skilled attorneys know that there’s no way to win without evidence, especially where truck accidents in Towson, MD are concerned. That’s why they pressure trucking companies and their insurers to preserve relevant evidence. This may include sending letters ordering the preservation of black box data, driver logs, and other records.

Reviewing Logs and Other Records

A sure way to prove fault in a trucking accident is to examine inspection reports, driver logs, and other records that may show violations of federal rules. By looking at these documents, a lawyer may be able to show that a driver had been on the road too long or the truck hadn’t been inspected as required.

Working with Reconstruction Professionals

While an accident reconstruction isn’t exactly budget-friendly, it can offer insights that are crucial to the success of a case. That’s why hiring a trucking accident lawyer is one of the most important things a victim can do to strengthen their case, as these attorneys typically work with various reconstruction professionals.

Investigating the Driver and Their History

After truck accidents in Towson MD, lawyers typically investigate the driver’s history, including their previous violations, DUI arrests, convictions, prior accidents, and more. An examination of a driver’s medical records may be done depending on the case’s circumstances.

Collecting Witnesses’ Statements

Like most other accident cases, with trucking accidents, witness testimony is crucial. Even a weak case can quickly become solid if a victim has a few witnesses that can prove the defendant’s responsibility for the accident.

These are just some of the things attorneys do to gather evidence and document a defendant’s liability after a trucking accident. Visit our website for more details or call today to request a consultation.

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