5 Points to Investigate Before Hiring Aluminum Extruders

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Aluminium

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When fabricating, building, manufacturing or designing new prototypes that are going to go into large scale production, finding the best company to work with for each component is essential.

If the part requires aluminum in the design, you will need to find aluminum extruders that offer either stock aluminum extrusions or custom extrusions that meet your needs. Determining which companies offer the best price, the best quality aluminum and the best record of on-time delivery are the most obvious factors to consider, but here are some others you may not have thought of.

Years in Business

Aluminum supply companies with more than a few years in business offer several advantages over new companies or general metal suppliers. Since they are working with aluminum mills, these aluminum extruders often provide better pricing and have the ability to handle large orders with ease.

The number of years in business also speaks to the quality of craftsmanship and customer service that a company offers. With the stiff competition in the marketplace, poorly performing aluminum companies do not stay in business very long.

Experience with Custom Extrusions

Not all aluminum distributors and supplier are able to complete custom extrusions at the price, quantity and to the specifications required. It is essential to not just consider the years in business as a supplier, but the years of experience with custom extrusions.

Tolerances Possible

As with any type of fabrication and manufacturing, there are different levels of attention to detail with various aluminum supply companies. When you need your project to fit specific tolerances for both custom extrusions as well as precision cutting, ask specifically about the tolerances that can be maintained by the company.

Value-Added Services

With a top company offering extrusion, there will be a range of different services offered that are above and beyond what you find with basic companies. Value-added services such as precision sawing, outside processing for specialized orders and even the use of state of the art inspection equipment for their machines is a sure sign of a company that you want to work with.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

A quick phone call into aluminum extruders will provide a wealth of information about their customer service focus. The best companies will have professionals on staff to answer your questions and assist with suggestions and options to improve the project and help to reduce costs where possible. They will also work with your company to make sure that standing orders or single orders are filled on time. You will be kept informed of your order and will be treated as an important customer from the first order on.