5 Oriental Rug Shopping Tips to Keep in Mind

Buy oriental rugs in Houston that are perfect for your home. Read on for shopping tips and advice.

Know the basics

If you’re checking out Persian carpets, you’ll want to look for the knot count. Quality rugs will often have 120 knots per square inch. You may flip the carpet and look over the knots from the underside, the Culture Trip says.

Hand-woven or not?

Again, check the underside. The underside can tell you a lot of information, including whether or the carpet is truly hand-woven or not. A handmade one with come with a soft backing and there will be a few knots that will inevitably be bigger than the rest. That’s an indication that it was woven by hand. If the knots are uniform, without a single stitch out of place or bigger than all the others, then you’ve got a machine-made carpet on your hands.

Check the material

When you shop for oriental rugs in Houston, make sure you’re familiar with the material. Persian carpets that have been handwoven are often made of silk, wool or a blend of both. Silk rugs will have a shiny finish, though, wool is the more commonly used material for these rugs.

Consider the quality

The quality of the wool will largely depend on the breed of the sheep. Other factors also include the time of shearing, the climate, and pasturage. These will all determine the quality of the wool.

Shop smart

Don’t be taken in by scams and dodgy carpet sellers. Look for a carpet provider that’s been in the business for years. Pick one with a solid reputation for quality products and services. That’s going to keep you from falling for traps and scams. With a trustworthy shop and one with an extensive inventory, shopping for rugs should be fun.

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