5 Benefits You Can Enjoy with Regular Massage Therapy In Burnaby

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Massage Therapy

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Popping in for a massage every four weeks can have amazing benefits to your body. Here’s why you’ll want to keep it a monthly, or even bi-weekly, appointment.

Alleviates the aches and pains

If you’ve had a long run or a particularly intense session on the mat or gym, that could lead to overuse of your muscles. One way to ease the stiffness out of your arms or legs is to go for a massage therapy in Burnaby. By the time the therapist is done, you’ll feel so much better.

Keeps sickness at bay

Massage boosts blood circulation in the body, Shape says. That helps improve your well-being and overall health. It also helps prevent varicose veins – caused by poor blood circulation – from forming on your legs.

Relieves you of pain

Being chained to your desk for hours can leave your shoulders aching. Unknot those muscles by booking a massage therapy in Burnaby. This can relieve you of any pain or discomfort in your back and shoulder blades.

Gets rid of your headache

Long days at work, endless meetings, hard-to-beat deadlines – it’s no wonder a lot of people are stressed out of their minds. If you’ve got a low-grade headache after putting out fires out work, head on over to Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy and book a massage treatment. That’s going to help you get rid of your headache, along with any stiffness in your muscles caused by the stress.

Helps fight off insomnia

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential. If you’re having a tough time, though, try getting a massage. The kneading, soothing motions will relax you and make you all but ready to fall asleep by the time the session ends. That’s better than drinking meds to counter insomnia, especially given how meds can have negative long-term effects on your liver. For more information visit Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy.