5 Benefits of Sprinkler Installation in Bremerton Wa

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

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Homeowners are always looking for efficient, effective watering methods, and they’re increasingly turning to Sprinkler Installation in Bremerton Wa. Whether the customer’s goal is a healthier garden or a greener yard, irrigation can help achieve it. Below are several advantages of choosing a sprinkler system as an irrigation method.

Lower Water Bills

Irrigation systems are designed to meet a landscape’s needs by sending water where it’s needed most. With programmable controls, the user can ensure that the landscape receives precisely the right amount of moisture. As the cost of municipal water continues to increase, every drop a customer saves translates into a lower water bill. In some cases, homeowners can see savings of 30% or more when they install a properly designed sprinkler system.

Time Saved on Lawn Maintenance

Modern sprinkler systems are controlled with timers, which mean the user doesn’t have to go outside to water the lawn. Simply set the timer so the sprinklers water the garden and lawn at the right time of the day. Not only does the system allow the user to skip the hassle of lawn watering, it leaves them with healthier, hardier plants.

Get a Greener Lawn in Multiple Ways

Almost 70% of a household’s water usage is for outdoor purposes. However, today’s irrigation systems are designed to conserve water and provide a more eco-friendly yard. By choosing a sprinkler system with moisture sensors, rain shutoff devices, and weather sensors, the user can program the system to consider local weather and adjust itself accordingly.

Improved Plant Growth

Under- and over-watering can be harmful to plants. By selecting the right Sprinkler Installation in Bremerton Wa, a customer can monitor the amount of water each part of the landscape gets. For example, a drip system can help garden plants develop healthier, deeper roots.

Less Time Spent on Maintenance

Professionally installed sprinkler systems allow users to water just the parts of the yard that need it, without inadvertently nourishing pesky weeds. Therefore, the buyer will spend less of his/her time weeding, and more time enjoying the yard.

For help customizing and choosing the right sprinkler system for the home’s needs, homeowners should consult a local irrigation, plumbing or landscaping specialist. With a little help, it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, green landscape without the hard work.