4 Things to Look for in Your Automotive Repair POS Software

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Software Company

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On the lookout for an automotive repair POS software to make life easier? Based on an article on Entrepreneur.com, here are a few things you?ll need to remember before you pick one out:

1. Easy to Use. Pick a system that?s simple to understand and use, one that works not just for you but for your team as well. It won?t matter a bit if the POS software has all the features and functions you need if it?s complicated, unwieldy and challenging to use. Not only do you waste time with the delay?every minute your crew spends on figuring out how to use the system is an extra minute that takes them away from the work they do. That?s not really great for your bottom line. But when the system is simple and easy to use, it helps improve the way your team works and enhances the overall operational efficiency of your business. So go with simple.

2. Security. Your automotive repair POS software should be secure on all levels. It?s not just your financial and business data that needs to be secured. You also have a responsibility to protect your clients? information. So do your research. Make sure the Point of Sale software you use is safe and secure. You wouldn?t want to have to deal with credit card leaks any time in the future so do your best to pick the right POS software today.

3. Pricing. Look for pricing features that allow you to monitor and track your rates. Make sure the system is flexible enough to make room for add on amounts. Does it have custom formulas? What about margin percentage formulas? Can you enter those things into the system or not? If yes, then that can only mean good things for you.

4. Price Tag. While keeping costs low is important, automatically going for an affordable system?one that?s skimpy on the features you need?isn?t really wise. You might view it as a practical move in the short-term but going for a reasonably-priced system that has everything you need is a better long-term investment.

In the end, every system is unique. Just as every business is unique. That?s why choosing an automotive repair POS software needs to be about more than picking the system with the lowest price tag. It needs to be about efficiency. For a choice of POS software, check out Egenuity.com?s POS package built specifically for automotive repair shops.

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