4 Signs Your Parents Need a Home Care Aide

Your parents are getting older. If you start encountering any of the following instances, it may be time to look for a home care aide in Philadelphia.

Fall accidents

Is your mom or dad prone to falling accidents of late? If your parents seem to need extra help getting around, you may want to look into adding grab bars in the bathroom or putting in a walk-in shower, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) says. If the accidents or near-accidents persist, it may be time to face up to the fact that your parents need help getting around. Start looking for a home care aide in Philadelphia from a reputable agency.

Medication problems

As people get older, the number of their medication increases. If your parents are having a hard time keeping up or if they keep missing a dose, then you’ll want to hire an aide for your peace of mind. That way, you won’t be worried be they may accidentally overdose on medication. With a home care provider to monitor and manage their medication intake, you can breathe easy.

Navigational problems

If your parents can’t go to the grocery anymore or drive themselves to the doctor or an appointment, get a care provider who can provide them with the with transportation services they need.

Personal care isssues

If your elderly loved ones are starting to have a problem with daily personal grooming and care, if they need help getting in and out of a wheelchair or with taking a bath, dressing themselves and more, then get a professional to help you.

Don’t take on all the work yourself. If your parents are starting to need more help than you can provide, get help from a professional. That’s going to stop you from feeling overwhelmed about the situation. It’s also going to ensure that your parents get the best care possible.

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