4 Fun Ideas on How You and Your Kids Can Enjoy Fake Snow

Want to do something special for your kids? As far as weather phenomenons go, snow is pretty much universally popular amongst children. Not time for snow yet? No worries. With companies like SnoWonder offering so many choices of instant snow powder you can provide all the snow your kids could want. Here are some fun ideas from Kidsplaybox on how you and your kiddies could have a lot of fun with instant snow powder:

A Little Science Lesson

Want to teach your kids a little science? Then show them how to create snow out of instant snow powder. Explain the process step by step and watch their eyes go round with surprise and amazement. One of the best things about kids is that they tend to absorb every new experience in an almost magical way. By giving them a little science lesson they don?t just get to learn about how things work, you also get the pleasant side benefit of seeing their faces glow with fun and happiness.

Winter Wonderland Play Pen

Hosting a play date for your kids and their friends? Why not make that bonding time special by providing them with a winter wonderland playpen? Your kids? friends are bound to love spending time at your place if you have one set up. And with instant snow powder, you won?t have to run out of snow. A full bag can cover quite a lot of ground. You can produce as much as the kids want and still have plenty of snow left over for Christmas.

Winter Scenes

Try creating mini winter scenes with fake snow. You won?t even have to use a new bag; you could reuse your fake snow for this. Turn it into a game with your kids with each one of you coming up with different winter scenes. Come the holidays, you could award a prize to the winner! With such fun times, your kids are sure to remember these games for years to come.

Snow Globe Decor

Want to teach your kids to make fun snow globes? You can start a special collection of snow globes made by your kids, one for each year until they grow up. These will serve as heart-warming mementos when your kids are fully grown. You could even keep some of these and send a couple of it back to your children when they have families and kids of their own.

Create fun times for your kids with instant snow powder. Buy from SnoWonder today!

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