4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Architectural Wire Mesh in USA

Wire mesh is a woven, metal-continuous product used primarily as a reinforcing material in concrete and masonry construction, typically at the bottom of slabs, walls, or columns. It is often used with a mesh liner to prevent water from entering an open drainage system underneath the wire mesh. This blog post will focus on factors to consider when choosing architectural wire mesh in the USA.

1. Mesh opening and wire diameter

Larger mesh openings have more strength than smaller openings but also have less stability. They are used when a thicker mesh liner is needed or there is little or no back pressure. Smaller mesh openings have less strength and more excellent stability.

2. Wire weight

The weight of the wire is influenced by its diameter, the number of cables in a roll, and the manufacturing process. The difference in wire weight per linear foot can be used to estimate the cost of an architectural wire mesh product.

3. Shape factor

Wire mesh shapes are also affected by wire diameter and the manufacturing process. Most architectural wire mesh shapes are symmetrical, but other conditions, such as hexagonal points and octagonal poles, may be needed for some applications.

4. Lead time

Wire mesh can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet a variety of applications. All wire mesh products are available in custom sizes, conditions, and color options.

Wire mesh in the USA is, in fact, wire mesh that is used as a decorative system in buildings. Wire mesh or woven metal netting is used for different purposes, such as building supporting material, as a barrier to prevent animals from entering buildings, soundproofing material, and numerous other applications. Contact Universal Wire Cloth Co. on https://www.universalwirecloth.com to purchase this product.

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