4 Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes that Ruin Your Campaign

Want to improve audience response? Looking for a better way to get your message across, one that cuts through the clutter of your competition? You might be your own worst enemy, though, if you keep making the same mistakes in your marketing ads.

Below are some common direct mail marketing mistakes you might be making that totally ruin the effectiveness of your campaign, says Target Marketing Mag:

  1. No clear to action. At least not an obvious one. The point of all marketing materials is to get the customer to say ?yes? to whatever you?re selling. That means you?ve got to compel them to take action, to do something?whether that means buying your product or downloading your app.

  2. Disregarding postal regulations. It doesn?t matter if you?ve got the most perfect marketing poster the world has ever seen?if the world never gets to see it in the first place. That?s why you should always design your marketing postcards with an eye to the USPS rules on direct mail. That includes choosing the right size and heft to ensure your message gets to all the clients on your list this year. Otherwise, you?re just wasting your marketing dollars.

  3. Disorganized. Like most things in life, putting together the right mail marketing campaign takes more than creativity and vision?it takes discipline. Some take too long on the design and content that they leave barely enough time for the material to get mailed on scheduled. You have to tell yourself that there?s got to be a better way than that. And there is. Make a schedule and stick to it. Learn to work fast without compromising on quality. That?s one way to build great mail marketing.

  4. Not using a direct mail marketing service. If your marketing department isn?t all that equipped to handle the work, consider using a direct mail marketing service instead. That way, you won?t even have to worry about training your employees, you can leave all that up to the company. All you have to do is choose one that?s well known for being credible, reliable, and able to deliver quality results on time. No need to worry about getting your mail communications delivered or designing the right one. Just seek out professional help, look over the results, say aye or nay and that?s it: you?ve got a campaign to send out.

So make sure your campaigns are error-free. Make the most of your marketing dollars by sending out your marketing message the right way. For more on direct mail marketing tips, visit Southwest Direct.

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