3 Ways Functional Medicine Helps Shape Wellness

There are plenty of fads out there that claim to be part of holistic healing and overall individual wellness. However, plenty of people look at them with skepticism, and with good reason. Not all that you read online may be part of authentic holistic medicine. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t legitimate holistic medicine out there.

There are plenty of legitimate holistic medicines in the field that deserve a second look. Functional medicine is one of these methods of holistic medicine which are definitely authentic and science-based. Like other forms of holistic medicine, these focus on the individual, their relationship with their environment, and their overall well-being.

Here are the ways functional medicine shapes overall wellness:

Focusing on the Body

Functional medicine looks at the human body as a self-regulating and self-healing entity. This has been based on scientific studies which show the positive capabilities of the human body. Unlike traditional drug-based medicines, which focus on illnesses rather than the capacities and weaknesses of the body, functional medicine believes that we are capable of transforming our lives by being in tune with how our bodies work.

Focusing on Individuality

In relation to the first point, functional medicine looks at the individual histories of the body, rather than lumping it into a one size fits all kind of cure. Functional medicine assesses the patient’s experiences, particular preferences, beliefs, and tries to incorporate these into its healing regimen. Functional medicine believes this to be key to its beliefs on overall wellness.

Focusing on Wellness, Not Cures

Wellness doesn’t just involve curing the illness. It calls for an overall lifestyle change. This means changing one’s diet, exercise regimen, and other methods to free oneself from external stressors. Functional medicine believes that illnesses aren’t just the product of certain external stressors, but also of triggers, and other forms of stressors that don’t usually have to be physical in nature.

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