3 TMJ Disorders Facts

When you experience discomfort in your jaw area that is not a result of an injury, you are probably suffering from a temporomandibular disorder, or TMJ disorder. If you cannot chew, close your mouth or even eat comfortably, it is time to see a dental or medical professional who can assess the situation. A medical professional can also decide if a Non Surgical Tmj Treatment Tampa FL is a viable option for you.

Here are three TMJ disorder facts to consider.


Every year, about 3 million people experience TMJ disorder symptoms in the United States. Usually, older adults experience symptoms, but 14 – 18 year olds are among the largest age groups that are diagnosed with TMJ, too. If your jaw clicks and locks, something is not right. If you also feel pain or cannot eat without discomfort, it is time to consult with your dentist or doctor. The pain and discomfort occur in the jaw joint and also affects the surrounding muscles. Not all cases are severe. You may experience this condition for a few months, and with medical help, may be alleviated sooner rather than later.


To alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder, a medical professional will prescribe a combination of self-care, devices and medications. Splints, mouth guards and prosthetics are common devices that are used for alleviating TMJ. However, the symptoms will not subside if the patient does not use them are directed by their doctor or dentist. Professionals have found that symptoms of TMJ continue when the source of the pain is not addressed.


The best way to find a solution for your TMJ disorder is to undergo a full assessment. Many believe that Non Surgical Tmj Treatment Tampa FL is best. Your medical professional will simply explore the source and offer solutions.

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