3 Tips for Effective Networking

Networking is one of the most important parts of getting ahead in your industry, and that goes double for human resources. Considering that the HR field is all about people at the core, being able to know how to connect with colleagues and maintain professional relationships is extremely important. Here are three tips for how you can expand your network and help it grow.

1. Attend Industry Events

Not everyone wants to go to an annual conference or show up to a social mixer, but these are the places where you’ll make the most connections. If there’s a seminar happening that’s useful to you, going can no only provide an educational perk, but can also help you meet people. Networking is all about making connections with people in person, giving introductions, and then following up.

2. Making Connections Stick

Huffington Post recommends building lasting relationships with both businesses and individuals in order to maintain a healthy and robust professional network. The key word here is “lasting,” since that’s what really makes your network work for you. While introducing yourself and exchanging business cards is a good start, you then need to foster those relationships. As an HR professional, for example, reaching out for advice about projects is a good way to build a more meaningful professional relationship with a colleague.

3. Join a Professional Organization

Every field has a number of professional associations geared toward different things, and being a member is essential. For HR networking and training, for example, joining an organization with a large preexisting network of other HR professionals is a great way to make new connections. The membership is often worth the cost.

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