3 Signs That A Homeowner Should Contact Roofing Experts In Lawrence, KS

A person doesn’t need to be a roofing expert to notice that their roof needs to be repaired. They don’t even need to climb up on the roof. There are a few signs that the homeowner can notice from the ground that will let them know that they need to hire true Roofing Experts in Lawrence KS.

Shingles On the Ground

If the homeowner is outside the  house and sees shingles on the lawn, in the driveway, or on the walkway, they should contact a professional roofer. Shingles can come off the roof due to the age of the roof or during extreme weather. A professional roofer would get on the roof to do a complete inspection. They can then let the homeowner know if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Lifting Shingles On the Roof

If the homeowner looks up at the  roof and notices that some of the shingles are lifting, they should contact a roofer right away. If the shingles are lifting, it is a good sign they are decaying. In some cases, decaying shingles will fall off the roof. In other cases, they will lift. This can be serious because when the shingles lift, water can pool underneath, which creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Because mold can be a house’s worst enemy, the homeowner should contact a professional roofer if they notice the shingles lifting on the roof.

Black Debris In the Gutters and Downspouts

If the homeowner is walking around the  house and notices black debris on the  gutters or downspouts, they should contact a roofing expert immediately. In most cases, this black debris is a sign that the roof needs to be replaced. Asphalt shingles have a rock-like coating on them called granules. These granules are responsible for keeping the shingles from cracking under the heat from the sun. If the granules wear off, the shingles can crack, which can create an entry point for water. When the granules are wearing off the shingles, it is a good sign that the roof has reached its life expectancy and needs to be replaced.

The sooner the homeowner can recognize the signs that they need to contact Roofing Experts in Lawrence KS, the better it will be for the roof and the structure of the home. For more information, visit us.

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