3 Signs a Home Might Have Termites in Baltimore MD

Homeowners tremble with even the mention of termites. These small creatures can do a lot of damage, sometimes costing homeowners a considerable amount of money. The best course of action is always to treat a home to prevent future issues. By keeping up this routine, it may be possible to avoid some of the common concerns associated with Termites in Baltimore MD.

Visual Evidence of Termites

It’s tough to say for sure if a home currently has a termite infestation, or the evidence is left over from a previous problem. However, take a look at the wood on the inside and even the outside of the home. Termites often leave behind tunnels that could be a sign they are still taking residence in the property. As soon as a homeowner sees these tunnels anywhere in the house, it’s time to contact a professional to set up an inspection.

Hollow Sections of Wood

Most people don’t go around knocking on the wood in their home. However, if the tunnels are showing up, it’s time to start listening to what it sounds like when the wood inside the walls is tapped. If the space sounds hollow, there is a chance that termites have been doing a real number on the inside of the home. If an area even sounds a little bit hollow, contact a pro. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to termites.

Group of Flying Bugs Outside the House

Ever notice a swarm of winged bugs hanging right outside or even inside the home? These swarms tend to happen quickly, so many homeowners don’t actually get a glimpse of this process taking place. But this could be the termites looking to increase their numbers in the home. Even if the swarm isn’t visible, there could be a lot of wings that are noticeable on the ground that indicates there is a problem with Termites in Baltimore MD.

Homes that have evidence of termites have wood sounds hollow, or even have noticeable swarms around, need professional assistance. You can visit the website or call to schedule an appointment. Don’t put it off and run the risk of more damage being done to the home.

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