3 Reasons To Buy An Isuzu NPR For Sale In Texas

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Automotive

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In Texas, there is no question that the vast majority of medium to heavy duty trucks on the road are not imported vehicles. Unfortunately, fleet owners may overlook specific brands, such as the Isuzu NPR, simply because it is an import. However, this trend is changing as these vehicles have shown they are more than able to handle small and large loads.

There are several reasons to consider an Isuzu NPR for sale as the next addition to your fleet. By considering the benefits and comparing the prices of both new and used models, you will quickly see why these vehicles are ideal for both city driving as well as out on the open roads around the state.

Gas or Diesel

There are several vehicles in the Isuzu NPR line. This selection of trucks offers different GVWR/GCWR weights as well as both gas and diesel engines. In fact, the Isuzu NPR comes with the choice of two different types of diesel engines. The gas engines are LPG (liquid propane gas) as well as CNG (compressed natural gas) compatible.

The gas engines in these trucks are a great choice for urban driving. It can sometimes be challenging to find diesel pumps at city gas stations, but the gas option makes it easy to fill up as needed.

Wheelbase Options

With the different lines and models in the Isuzu NPR for sale, it is possible to find longer and shorter wheelbases. The longer wheelbase is ideal for customized cargo and carrying.

Additionally, these vehicles can be outfitted with racks, storage areas, flatbeds or traditional box styles of cargo areas to match your specific needs. That makes these trucks an ideal choice for mobile trucks for the trades as well as for traditional hauling and cargo trucks as well.

Cab Styles

If you are considering an Isuzu NPR for sale, it is well worth considering the cab style. Designed to be fully ergonomic and designed for driver comfort and visibility, there is a single and a crew cab option.

Additionally, as a low cab forward design, the Isuzu NPR is an easy to maneuver truck with the driver having full visibility through the large front windshield and the oversized side windows. The visibility around the truck is excellent, making backing into even the tightest loading docks in any city in Texas a simple, easy process for any driver.