3 Places Tiles can be Installed in Your Home

Whether you are renovating, upgrading or starting over, there are many ways you can integrate tiles into your home’s interior design. Once you understand the vision you would like to bring to life, you are encouraged to speak with Commercial Tile Contractors Madison WI. While you can complete a Tile Installation or Tile Flooring as a DIY project, there are some tips and tricks professionals can complete correctly the first time in an efficient manner.

Here are three places where tiles can be installed in your home.


Tile Flooring and your bathroom go hand in hand. Your bathroom experiences lots of moisture and similar circumstances that affect its interior decor. Therefore, it is a good idea to use materials that can withstand the elements of this room. A tile floor allows for easy clean up that can withstand splashes of water. It is also worth installing on the walls of your shower and as accents on the remaining walls. Since this material is available in an array of styles, colors and patterns, it can easily be matched to the current or new theme of the space.

Kitchen Backsplash

Another great room perfect for Tile Installation is your kitchen, You can use on the floor and you can use it as a backsplash. The backsplash is gaining popularity because it provides for easy clean up. A few rows are installed on the wall behind the stove or where you chop food. This way, when food particles or oils land on it, you just need to wipe it away.


Commercial Tile Contractors in Madison WI are also able to install tile around and in your fireplace. If nothing else, it adds aesthetic touches to the area with the opportunity for easy clean up. It is also durable and an inexpensive option.

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