3 Mistakes That Make it Difficult to Get Fair Personal Injury Compensation After an Auto Accident

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Auto accident litigation involves a significant amount of organization and documentation. Plaintiffs must face defense attorneys, insurance companies, police officers, and medical personnel. With everything that goes on, a plaintiff has plenty of opportunities to make mistakes such as volunteering information unnecessarily or failing to document injuries. These missteps can affect Personal Injury Compensation, and that’s why it is especially important to communicate with a personal injury attorney throughout the process. Below are several mistakes auto accident plaintiffs should avoid.


If a plaintiff is careless or disingenuous with the facts, it can be disastrous. Lying about the extent of injuries or the events of the accident can ruin a lawsuit. Plaintiffs should be honest with their lawyer, the police, their doctors, and everyone else involved. Clients and attorneys should review the accident’s details before each hearing, as having a clear memory can help during testimony.

Posting on Social Media

During an auto accident investigation, insurance adjusters and defense attorneys will likely evaluate a plaintiff’s Google+ and other social media pages to find ways to avoid responsibility for the at-fault party’s actions. Clients should be careful about posting updates and pictures showing activities that should be avoided after an injury. It’s also a good idea for clients to avoid posting threats to the other party and refrain from posting confidential details on negotiations and settlements.

Missing Doctor Appointments

As discussed above, an insurance adjuster is trained to look for flaws in a plaintiff’s case. The less perceived harm a client has suffered, the less the other party’s insurer must pay. If the other driver’s insurer or defense lawyer learns that a plaintiff is rescheduling or skipping doctor visits, they will use this information to prove the injury isn’t as serious as claimed. Those struggling to find transportation should tell their attorney, as they may be able to provide help.

Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters have a primary responsibility: to find and exploit a case’s weak points to minimize Personal Injury Compensation. Don’t play the game, and avoid the mistakes listed here. The best thing a client can do is to call a personal injury attorney with chrisrichardattorney.com as soon as possible after an auto accident.