3 Home Health Care Services Categories

The population is getting older, and this is leading to a direct increase in demand for Home Health Care Services Philadelphia PA. In order to maximize these services for yourself or your loved one, it is a good idea to understand what the services are and how they are categorized.

Here are three home health care service categories to consider.

Light Housekeeping

It is very easy to confuse a home health care service provider with a housekeeper because their duties can align so closely. All the duties a home health provider completes is for the health of a patient, though. This professional can vacuum, wash some laundry and clean up the dishes because their patient can no longer do so for themselves. A tidy home prevents an unhealthy environment that can lead to the development of pests and other hazards. A housekeeper, on the other hand, completes these tasks because they are specifically paid to do so.

Daily Living

Those who hire home health care services for their loved one, often do so because they cannot care for them or visit with them as often as they should. A home health care professional is trained to provide companionship, dressing assistance and meal planning because their patients cannot do so on their own, anymore. They can also walk with their patient, help them bathe or shower, and help with any dietary constraints.

Transportation and Errands

Often, the services of a home health care professional are hired to help provide assistance with transportation and errands. Getting to and from doctor appointments are among the important services provided. Then, grocery shopping, personal care appointments and errands can be completed, too.

With aging comes many realities including new mobility and lifestyle constraints. Home Health Care Services Philadelphia PA offer several benefits including daily living.

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