3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Medical Call Center

As an office manager, supervisor or a doctor with your own practice and clinic, choosing a medical call center is a big decision. In the past, most doctors relied on third-party live answering services to take calls after hours, over lunch, or even when the office was closed for a particular event.

Today, more and more doctors and office managers for large and small practices, clinics and even specialized services are turning to automated systems that provide personalized and very reliable medical call center services.

If you are thinking about the move to an automated medical call center, you will find a range of different benefits. These include the ability to allow the patient to record a message to the on-call physician without having it altered in any way by the answering service. When the patient knows the exact message he or she is leaving will be heard by the doctor on call, it increases the professionalism of the office and the trust of the patient.

When considering or comparing the medical call center options, there are three different factors to keep in mind. Depending on the size of your practice and the volume of after hour calls you receive, different factors may be more important than others.

Look for companies offering their automated medical call center system at a flat rate per month. Many doctors are surprised to find out just how reasonable this can be. It is often a fraction of the cost of a live service, and with a flat rate fee there is never a concern about budgeting for the medical answering system.

HIPPA Compliant
One of the biggest issues in using traditional ?live? or human operated answering services is the concern about HIPPA compliance. Most of those operators are not medical staff, and they may only have a passing introduction to HIPPA compliance.

When you are using an automated system only the staff authorized to retrieve messages, which is something you will control, has access to the message left by the patient. This includes both emergency and non-emergency messages.

Different doctors and different clinics and offices can have complicated systems in place for doctors on call and handling emergency calls. With a top automated medical call center, there is never any confusion about which professionals to call, the system can be set to call one person, and then also backup individuals if the first call is not answered.

With an automated medical call center, both patients and doctors have a much better experience. Patients get a quick response and a way to notify the doctor or the issue, and doctors get immediate calls for only those emergency situations.

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