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Using People Count Software to Track Customers

Any company knows that the effectiveness of their marketing campaign matters when making decisions about what kind of marketing to pursue and when you need to change tactics. It can be really tricky to tell which marketing techniques are working for you but when you use people count software, then you can easily and quickly

Explore Options for Elder Healthcare in Tampa FL

Elder Healthcare in Tampa FL ranges from occasional companion services to in-home staffing around the clock, and everything in between. The biggest challenge for patients and family members is knowing what level of care will suit the needs of patients and family members. A patient who lives with family members, for example, may only require

Whole Hog: a Look at the History of Barbecue

Ask ten different people what defines barbecue, and you’ll get ten different answers. It’s a definition that’s long been argued by many different people with many different taste preferences, but there are a few facts behind the method. The term “barbecue” originates from barbacoa, a reference to the term barbabicu from Caribbean natives. The Caribbean