2 Tests to Conduct Before Manufacturing Your Special Condiment in OH

You have tried every type of condiment and have yet to find one that pairs with a particular type of cuisine. You are now attempting to concoct your own condiment recipe when all of a sudden, a eureka moment happens. You ask your friends and family to taste your unique mixture, and they have praised you for it ever since. Now, you are wondering what you should do next to begin offering your special sauce to consumers. Here are two tests you should conduct before mass-producing your special sauce.

Shelf Stability Test

One important test you should conduct before offering your special brand to consumers is a shelf stability test. As its name suggests, this type of test monitors changes in a product as it ages. The results of this test will help determine optimal storage temperatures, best before dates or shelf life, and more for your condiment.

Freeze-Thaw Capabilities

Another test you should conduct before mass-producing your product is the freeze-thaw test. This type of test goes in-depth in monitoring your product during the freeze-thaw cycle by exposing it to extreme and rapid temperatures.

The Experts Who Can Help

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