2 Reasons Why You Should Open a Precious Metals Self-Directed IRA

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are some of the most highly valued precious metals that can be purchased using a self-directed IRA account. They are typically found in the form of coins, bars, and ingots. Perhaps you are a seasoned investor and would like to diversify your portfolio. You might be wondering if you should open a self-directed IRA to begin investing in these types of precious metals. Here are two reasons why you should.


One of the main reasons why you should open a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals is that it offers tax-deferred benefits. A traditional gold IRA is considered to be a tax-deferred retirement savings account, similar to a pre-tax traditional IRA.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Another reason why you should begin investing in precious metals through a self-directed IRA is so that you can diversify your investment portfolio. Precious metals are generally a top-choice amongst seasoned investors for a long-term hedge against inflation investment.

The Administration Company You Can Trust

Perhaps you are now searching for an administration company you can trust to help you open a precious metals self-directed IRA. Look no further than to Mountain West IRA Inc. They offer over 15 years of precious metals IRA expertise and can help you with all your investment administration needs. So, when searching for a trustworthy and highly experienced company for help with opening a precious metals self-directed IRA, they are the only ones you should contact. Call or visit the website today.

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