Top Tips to Remember When Living in Off-Campus Student Apartments

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Student Housing Center

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When you are looking for a student apartment in which to live, and even if you have already found one, it is easy to get carried away and lose your head a bit. However, if you simply remember some of these expert tips in regard to UTK off-campus apartments, you will have a much easier time avoiding any hassles or trouble.


The first thing that you need to do before signing a lease is to do your research. Make sure you take into account how close the apartment is to campus, any specific amenities that you require, as well as what type of security the property offers.

Make A Budget & Stick To It

Come up with a budget that you are certain you can afford. There is no sense in moving into an apartment if you are only going to get evicted a few months later because you cannot afford the rent. Figure out the highest amount that you can pay without having to deprive yourself of necessities, and do not go above it.

Talk With Roommates

Make sure to sit down and discuss with your neighbors what is expected from all parties and what will not be tolerated. This is true whether they are friends or complete strangers; it does not matter.

Create A Routine

Unlike living in a dormitory where many things are done for you, you have responsibilities in UTK off-campus apartments. Make sure to manage your time well so that you do not feel like you are overwhelmed.

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