Advantages Of Continuous Coating Over Batch Coating

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Laboratory equipment supplier

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Tablet coating is the process of applying a coating material on the tablet’s surface to achieve the desired properties. Traditionally, the most preferred coating method was batch coating. However, the most recent method used to coat is continuous coating. Both of these coating methods have advantages. These advantages include the following:

• Improves product stability
• Protects the tablet against a gastric environment
• Improves the properties of the tablet
• Allows easy swallowing of the pill

Although batch coating is the most popular tablet coating method, it has several disadvantages. Read more to understand the disadvantages of the batch coating method compared to continuous coating.

Disadvantages of batch coating

• You must replace the entire drum to accommodate the size of the particle
• Require cleaning, which is expensive and time-consuming whenever you change a product
• It cannot mix or coat as thoroughly or uniformly as a fluidized bed.
• A small variety of particle sizes that you coat

Advantages of continuous coating.

Continuous tablet coating improves batch coating by reducing the risk of damaging tablets and irregular coating. In addition, this method has other advantages, such as:

Reduced tablet stress.

Batch coating puts tablets under mechanical stress, humidity, or high temperatures. Continuous coating exposes the tablet to harsh conditions for a short period.

Tablet coating is more uniform.

Continuous tablet coating uses a shallow coating pan and modern spray guns to ensure a uniform coat. This improves the quality of a tablet.

Reduces material wasting

Continuous coating machines reduce the quantity of wasted material. This is because they have an efficient gun sequencing feature.

Tablet coating is an essential invention in the medical sector. It has many advantages over traditional batch coating. If you want a continuous tablet coating machine, consider purchasing from Trident equipment. We have devices that are of excellent quality at an affordable price.

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