What Happens to Your Photos, Personal Stuff When You Bring in Your Phone for Repairs?

A lot of us rely on our smartphones so much that the minute it goes out of commission, we find ourselves panicked and at a loss. Before you head on over to a phone repair center in Tulsa, you’ll want to remember the following security tips to keep your information safe.

Pick a trustworthy repair center

With so much of our information on our smartphones, the thought of handing yours over to a stranger can be a bit nerve-wracking. Before that happens, make sure you take a few steps to protect your information. Start by choosing a trustworthy and reputable phone repair center in Tulsa. Knowing you aren’t handing your phone over to dodgy repair technicians will take a load off your mind.

Back up your files

You never know when something will happen to your phone. If there’s anything on there that you don’t want to lose, always back up your device to iCloud. Google Sync or even transferring data to your hard drive will get the job done too.

Sign out of everything

If you have the chance to sign out of all the apps on your phone, do so before you bring it to the shop, WFMY News says. That way, you won’t have to worry about strangers having access to your email, social media accounts or your banking apps.

Don’t put it in your notes

If you’re the forgetful sort and you put in your passwords in your notes, that’s a bad idea. Keep your password safe elsewhere instead of leaving it in your notes, which technicians can access.

Delete everything

If you can, then it’s best to delete everything that’s private in your phone. Put in a backup in your laptop and restore the backup once your phone is back.

Keep your secrets safe. Use these tips before you take your phone in for repairs.

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