Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc

Is your healthcare practice struggling to meet your payment processing company’s PCI compliance requirements? Is your payment processing company making you pay fees for PCI compliance? What if your payment processing company actually helped you meet PCI compliance standards? What if they wanted you as a client so much that they would actually pay all your existing processor’s cancellation fees to have you as a client? Welcome to Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc!

“To Whom It May Concern:

Our office has been working with Matt Pate from Retriever since 2013. We were not able to meet the PCI compliance required by our previous credit card processing company. Matt came recommended by another dental office. He quickly and efficiently was able to install the Retriever software so we could process our credit card payments and meet the PCI compliance standards. The software works easily with Dentrix and replaces the Powerpay system. The processing is actually smoother with less problems than working with Powerpay. The front office is happy!

In addition, Matt promised that Retriever would pay any cancellation fees that might be incurred when we cancelled our credit card processing company. They did, in fact, charge us and Matt is following through and reimbursing our office.

I would recommend Matt and the Retriever System…

Thank you,

Business Manager”

Go with a proven payment processing company that will stand by your side to grow your healthcare practice: Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc.

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