Reasons to Consider Looking for Colonoscopy Polyps in Dallas TX

Many people have colon polyps that develop over the years. A polyp is a small cluster of cells that build up in the colon. They can grow flat, but they can also have a stalk or grow in like a mushroom. Most of them are safe or benign, but sometimes, they can lead to cancer. Therefore, if you know you have polyps, you may want to consider having a colonoscopy.

What’s the Cause?

No one knows why polyps form, but a few factors can increase your risk of getting them. Of course, age is the most common factor; you’re at a higher risk of getting them if you’re over 50 years old. Other factors can include a family history of polyps, genetic traits, and eating a low-fiber, high-fat diet.

You cannot determine if you have a polyp on your own. You need to have a screening to determine if you have one or more. Most of the time, a colonoscopy is performed, though other screenings are available, such as stool testing or radiology tests. However, colonoscopy polyps in Dallas TX are the most accurate form. Your doctor can immediately tell if you have a polyp with a colonoscopy.

What to Do If You Have Polyps?

After the test, your doctor is going to review your results with you. It is considered negative if there are no abnormalities. If polyps or any abnormal tissues are noted, the test comes back positive.

Even if you do get a positive result, there is no reason to worry; many polyps aren’t harmful. However, they can be pre-cancerous, which means it contains a small but removable area of cancer. You are at higher risk of developing colon cancer if you have polyps that grow. Therefore, your doctor is likely to recommend another colonoscopy every few years or sooner to ensure that they don’t grow and don’t become cancerous. For more inflammation visit VK Patel.

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