Do You Need an Automatic Document Feeder on Your Multifunctional Printer?

When you consider upgrading to multifunctional printers in Napa it may be to your advantage to discuss automatic document feeders (ADF) with your printer expert to find out whether you need an ADF and if so, to what quality and for what purpose?

What Does an ADF Do?

Before you change to multifunctional printers in Napa, you may have used a printer, photocopier, fax machine or scanner which allowed you to feed several documents through automatically, rather than change each page for each scan or print.

When you need to copy or scan a large document that doesn’t exist on your server for easy printing, it can be time-consuming to manually feed each page into the machine.

You can choose between ADF multifunctional printers in Napa that scan one side of a page, turn the paper over and then scan the other side, or, choose a duplex ADF that can scan both sides of a page with one single pass.

Understanding which type of ADF is best for your business should be discussed carefully with your printer supplier. They will understand each model in their range and will be able to offer the most appropriate printer for your needs.

You will need to consider the number of paper sheets that your ADF needs to hold in any one set of circumstances. This will help guide your printer expert into knowing which model or models are the most efficient for your requirements.

It is preferable that you hold the documents on your server system so that you can print whatever you need on any occasion. This does not benefit all circumstances because occasionally you will be given a document that is not held on your computer system and will need to be fed into your multifunctional printer by the most efficient method.

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