Workers Compensation Attorney Iowa

Insurance that protects both you as an employee and your employer in the event you are injured on the job is known as workers compensation. This type of insurance provides medical treatments and rehabilitation as well as a percentage of the worker’s wages while they recover. Laws are different in every state, so it is always a good idea to speak with a Workers Compensation Attorney Iowa if you live in the state and having difficulty getting your employer to approve the claim.


Most people never think they will be hurt on the job. When an accident occurs and there is an injury as a result, many times the worker may not know what to do. There are three basic steps an injured worker needs to keep in mind following the injury:


1)Report the accident to your employer and fill out an accident report
2)Go to the hospital or doctor depending on the extent of the injuries
3)Hire an attorney if your employer is refusing to recommend workers compensation or threatening you in any way


Employers are required to file accident reports so that if someone is hurt it can be reported immediately. This report and is important so take your time and be as thorough as possible when describing the injury and how you recall the events leading up to it.
Going to the doctor or hospital may actually be the first step depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, but at some point the report has to be completed. The final decision you’ll need to make is if hiring a Workers Compensation lawyer Iowa is in your best interest. The time to hire an attorney is if your employer or the insurance agent of your employer attempts to have you sign any type of settlement. By signing this you may never be able to file a claim since you could be signing all your rights away.


While many employers today do follow the laws and proper procedures when it comes to workers compensation, some still do not. If in doubt about the process, paperwork, or feeling pressured by your employer hiring an attorney who works with job related injuries is going to be advantageous to you and the overall outcome of your case.

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