Why You Need a Lawyer for Probate Administration in Southlake, TX

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Lawyer

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The role of an executor is complex and isn’t always understood by the person who assigns this duty in their will. Many people begin the process on their own and quickly realize they need the assistance of an attorney. When an attorney handles the final affairs of a deceased person, he or she is referred to as an administrator. Probate Administration in Southlake, TX involves uncovering unpaid debts, filing taxes and distributing assets left over after debts and taxes are paid. The first step is to file the last will and testament with the local probate court.

The entire probate process can take several years to complete when estates include complicated assets. Family members can help speed up the settling of the estate by providing information about their loved one’s business and personal debts. Because paying outstanding debts is such a large part of Probate Administration in Southlake, TX, giving the attorney access to all information is essential to resolving the estate as quickly as possible. This might include a list of all doctors the deceased person saw regularly and might have taken care of them during their final illness or accident. All consumer and medical debts have to be accounted for prior to filing estate taxes.

The attorney you choose to administer the estate can also be a determining factor in how quickly the case is settled. Experienced probate lawyers are more likely to be prepared for setbacks and can explain the process to the family so they understand the need to wait patiently for the court process to be completed. Everything must be done in accordance with the law and, depending on how many cases the probate court is dealing with at any time, the process can be slow.

A group such as Galloway and Gilliland Law Firm has many years of experience dealing with sensitive probate matters and can be expected to handle your case professionally and compassionately. Whether your loved one carefully planned their estate or they died suddenly with no will and a scattered accounting system, the right lawyer will sort out the financial matters and allow your family to grieve without having to worry about administering the estate.