Why We Like The Titan Poker Rakeback Program

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Gambling

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We find that for new players, or those that don’t have a lot of experience with an online poker site, poker play strategies and rewards systems, the Titan Poker rakeback program and the Titan Poker website is a great combination.

New players need to be aware that to take advantage of the Titan Poker rakeback program you will need to sign up through us. You will simply provide your Titan Poker username, and your email, and we will work directly with Titan Poker to ensure that your account is credited with the rakeback that you earn.

With our experience in working with all the top poker websites we can provide you with a top rakeback rewards program that is actually provided directly by the casino. This means that your Titan Poker rakeback will show up in your account each month, allowing you to use the funds to add to your bankroll and your wagering opportunities.

The Titan Poker Rakeback Levels

One aspect of the Titan Poker rakeback program that we really like is that there are a lot of levels for players to move up through. Some casinos only have three or four levels, which may leave some players stuck in the same level for a long time.

With the Titan Poker rakeback there are six different levels, or tiers, that you will progress through based on how much you wager and how many points that you earn for those wagers. The point ranges are not extreme, so even those that play moderately and with a conservative approach to poker playing can definitely see their rakeback earnings increasing as they increase their confidence and earn more points.

Players Galore

Of course, as the single biggest factor to moving up in the points and gaining experience at the tables, having players to make a game is always a major point to consider. When you join the Titan Poker rakeback program through our site, which also allows you to go directly to the poker site to register with them, you will be joining one of the largest online poker networks.

This means that while you are earning points through us with your Titan Poker rakeback account you will never have to wait for a game. You will find that with as many 7,000 players online in peak 24 hour periods you never have to wait for your next hand.

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