Why Is Qualifying a Landscape Company Important?

Qualifying a landscape company is important to ensure accurate, timely and affordable service. The process isn’t difficult. Below are some tips on how to qualify your landscape company like a pro.

Know the Right Questions to Ask
The first question you should ask when qualifying landscape company is, “What services do you provide?” There are many types of landscape companies offering a variety of services. Make sure yours offers all of the services you currently need and potentially need in the future.

The next question you should be asking your landscape company is, “Can you provide these services within my budget range?” You don’t have to give them an exact number, but give them a range you’re comfortable with. They should provide you with an estimate in writing so there are no surprises when they send you a bill.

The final question you should ask your landscape company is, “Will you be able to complete the services in this time frame?” Many landscaping services require a considerable amount of time. However, your company should complete their work on a mutually agreed-upon time frame.

Check for Online Reviews
When qualifying a landscape company, don’t underestimate the importance of online reviews. A quick Google search should yield positive reviews for the company. Pay attention to the number of reviews. The more positive reviews, the better. Beware of companies that may have five-star ratings but only one or two reviews. It’s rare to find a company with perfect five-star reviews, especially if they’ve had a lot of reviewers. You want to consider both positive and negative reviews before making your decision.

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