What to Know About Mechanical Engineering in Cleveland, TN

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest branches of engineering. It involves the design, analysis, production, and operation of machinery. Mechanical engineers use their skills along with tools like computer-aided design to design and analyze industrial equipment and machinery, manufacturing plants, HVAC system, robotics, and aircraft, among other things. These professionals can also work in the field of biomedical engineering, specifically with bio-mechatronics, biomechanics and modeling of biological devices.

To offer services to the public, mechanical engineers must be licensed by the state or national government. In the U.S., to become a certified mechanical engineer, one must pass the comprehensive Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE), work for a minimum of 4 years as an Engineer in Training (EIT), and the pass the Principles and Practice exam. Most work that professionals for Mechanical Engineering in Cleveland TN, do uses skills and techniques from several disciplines discussed below.

Mechanics and Mechatronics

Mechanics is the study of forces that affect matter. It entails analyzing and predicting the acceleration and deformation of objects under known forces. Some branches of mechanics include kinematics, fluid mechanics, kinetics, and statics. Mechatronics is a combination of electronics and mechanics. It is a branch of mechanical engineering that is concerned with the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering to create hybrid systems.

Designing and Drafting

Drafting, also known as technical drawing, is the process through which mechanical engineers design new products and create instructions for manufacturing the components. A technical drawing can be done manually or automatically using computers. A technical drawing indicates al the dimensions needed to manufacture the part, assembly notes, and a list of items need to facilitate the manufacturing process. Today, drafting is done using computer-aided design programs that allow the engineer to create three-dimensions drawings.


Thermodynamics is concerned with changing energy from one form to another. For instance, automotive engines convert chemical energy in fuel into heat that is used to turn wheels. Mechanical engineers use thermodynamic knowledge to design engines, HVAC systems, and refrigerators, among other things.

These are just some important details to about mechanical engineering in Cleveland TN. For more information about the services offered by experienced and licensed mechanical engineers, and how to contact them, please visit us.

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