What to Consider when Renting a Portable Air Compressor

After you have fully considered your project needs, you will need to choose a portable air compressor at a rental outlet in Lancaster, PA that appropriately suits your needs. You will likely have several options. For instance, you should consider which air compressor to rent based on whether or not you will be using it indoors or outdoors. Inside an enclosed space, an electrically powered unit suffices, but a gas powered compressor would release noxious gas fumes into your indoor space. On the other hand, using an extension cord for an electrical powered compressor outside is inefficient, and a gas powered unit would probably work better.

Depending on what kinds of tools you are using with your air compressor, you will need to be sure to choose portable air compressors that meet the requirements of the tools that you plan to use. Air is measure in standard cub feet per minutes (CFM),so to calculate your requirements you will need to add the total amount of requirements for the tools that you plan to use at the same time and add thirty percent to it. Rent a unit that is able to handle that total. You will also need to consider pressure, and rent equipment that can handle the Psi requirements for your specific tools.

Renting portable air compressors in Lancaster, PA based on tank capacity depends on what kind of tools you are going to use. You will obviously need a larger tank capacity if you are going to continuously run a sand blaster, but if you plan to use it to operate nail guns (which require only a little air at a time), you can rent a portable unit with lower capacity.

Gas and electric-powered portable air compressors, available for rent in Lancaster, PA, both use various types of pistons which take the air from the surrounding area and pull it into the tank. Most home projects may rely upon a single-stage compressor that uses one piston for most do-it-yourself projects. Two-stage compressors may be necessary for heavier work.

Be sure that any portable air compressors you rent in Lancaster, PA come from a reputable outlet that has a reputation for good maintenance, and that offers safety and appropriate use instruction to those who need it. Most people benefit from a refresher course if they do not use certain tools or equipment often.


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