Types Of Dentures Available In Lebanon TN

by | Jul 30, 2013 | Dental Care

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Made to simulate natural teeth, both in appearance and functionality, dentures are a prosthetic device used in cases where a patient has lost all, or part, of his real teeth. They consist of a base frame made of a lightweight metal alloy. This frame is covered by an acrylic material that resembles gum tissue, and the false teeth affixed to the acrylic are composed of enamel colored porcelain or plastic resin.


Complete Dentures in Lebanon TN are available in either conventional or immediate varieties. With conventional dentures, all of the patients teeth will be pulled. Following a twelve week period during which the gum tissue will be allowed to heal, impressions will be made of the patient’s teeth and jaws. The dentist will then create several forms made of plastic or wax to be fitted to the patient’s gums. Once the shape and color of the patient’s gums have been matched as closely as possible and the dentist confirms the molds fit accurately, a final denture will be cast for permanent use.


Contrary to the conventional option, immediate dentures in Lebanon TN are fitted immediately after the patient’s natural teeth have been pulled. Having been constructed in advance, prior to the teeth being pulled, immediate dentures are likely to provide a less perfect fit than their counterparts. Since they are inserted before the gum tissue has healed and swelling has subsided, they tend to fit more unsuitably as the the gums recover. For most patients, immediate dentures are only used during the weeks between having teeth pulled and being fitted for conventional dentures.


Partial dentures are used when a patient has experienced the loss of some of his teeth, but some healthy natural teeth still remain. Partials are made from the same materials as complete dentures; however, a portion of the wire frame will be left uncovered by the acrylic. The visible portion of the frame rests on the patient’s natural teeth to hold the partial prosthetic in place.


Dentures in Lebanon TN should be rinsed after eating and cleaned daily. When cleaning dentures, a soft bristled toothbrush and cleaner designed specifically for denture care should be used. Toothpastes are not recommended for denture cleansing, because they contain mild abrasives. While these abrasives are safe for natural teeth, they could damage the acrylic, porcelain and resin used in denture construction.