The Many Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning does more than we realize. It’s very easy, and very understandable to get hung up on the cooling aspect of air conditioning. If you live in Killeen, TX it is an important role for the machinery to fulfill. However that’s not the only thing air conditioning does. Air conditioning helps make the air in general better for you and the house, and even make it cleaner. Some people think air conditioning makes you sick, they are very wrong, or using incredibly outdated technology. Hospitals love to use air conditioning not just because they want to control the temperature (a large concrete building in Killeen will get quite hot under the sun) but because air conditioning effectively scrubs the air.


Air conditioning makes the air better. What does better mean in this context? It means that it makes the air less humid and as a byproduct cleaner of bacteria and other irritants. Air conditioners have filters on them that can collect airborne irritants. The filters do need occasional cleaning and are not to be ignored. The filters aren’t the only way air conditioning improves air quality.


The way air conditioning cools produces condensation in the air. Condensation is when air cools and humidity turns into actual water. Since this happens within the air conditioning unit it can then drip out of the unit out the back and remove the humidity from the room. Many houses in Killeen have hard wood floors. Hard wood floors require moisture controls, if the moisture gets too high (and let’s be honest, it gets pretty humid in Killeen) because if the air is too damp and the floor boards absorb it they will swell and potentially buckle.


There’s the issue of health. When air conditioning processes humidity out of the air it tends to pull a lot of the bacteria with the moisture. Bacteria needs water to survive and are often present in the small bits of water in the air. When it condenses and drips out it is bacteria rich water meaning the air has less bacteria. However, some people believe the opposite is true, a lot of this is due to a rather infamous case at a Foreign Legion meeting hall that gave birth to Legionnaire’s disease. That was caused by an old style of air conditioning that used standing towers of water and the water hadn’t been changed out. That is no longer an issue as those air conditioners have been phased out of existence.


If you live in Killeen then air conditioning is a major part of your comfort and life. Being comfortable is a good thing and worth the investment of a bit of money. Air conditioning is about more than comfort though, it provides very real benefits to your health and well being. Don’t consider it a luxury, it’s a necessity and a major boon to your quality of life.

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