Skin Care Tips Following Laser Tattoo Removal

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Business

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If you have decided to book your Austin Tattoo Removal appointment it is important you take care of your skin properly while the site of the tattoo has time to heal. Here are some easy tips to follow to help you heal more quickly between sessions.

  • Bandage and Ointment: You will be provided with an antibacterial cream or ointment to apply to the site everyday. Be certain you follow these instructions and keep wearing the bandage for three days following your Austin tattoo removal procedure. The cream will help fight off infection and the bandage will protect the site so the scab can form properly.
  • Burning or Swelling: It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable at the site the first day. You can apply a nice cool ice pack (Over the bandage) to help soothe the burning as well as reduce the swelling. You can also take an OTC pain killer to ease the discomfort.
  • Remove Bandage and Don’t Pick: Despite what the site looks like the bandage should not be worn beyond three days. Removing the bandage is an important part of the healing process as it will allow the scab to harden properly. Scabbing will last as long as two to three weeks following treatment.
  • Blisters: Some people are surprised when blisters form following their Austin tattoo removal but this is normal. Blisters are no need for worry and will heal without any issues.
  • Leave it Be: Do not pick at anything at the site of your Austin laser tattoo removal. Even if it looks like it is ready to peel off, leave it alone and let it happen naturally. Picking can lead to infection as well as scarring.
  • Showering and Water: Showers are fine following treatment, but soaking in water whether it is swimming, a bath or a hot tub is not allowed. This can lead to infection, especially a hot tub. Do not allow hot water to hit directly on the site as this will be painful and can also interfere with healing.
  • Sunscreen and Lotions: You should wear sunscreen for up to three months following your Austin tattoo removal. Do not use any scented creams, lotions or perfumes as this can be irritating to the site.

Following these care tips will help you heal quickly and avoid scarring.

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