Repairing Septic Systems in Olympia, WA

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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When a homeowner has a septic system installed underneath their home it is important that they familiarize themselves with information regarding septic tank systems and maintenance required for the units. A septic tank system is a system that is designed to receive and dispose wastewater. When a system is properly installed and maintained the system returns clean, usable water to the home. However, if the system is not properly maintained and becomes damaged, the cost for repairs can be substantial.


There are several warning signs that a septic tank is damaged. These signs should be taken seriously and repair services should be called as soon as these signs appear in order to ensure further damage is not caused to the unit. One tell tale sign that the Septic Systems Olympia WA has experienced damaged is the waste pipes from the house have poor drainage. Also, when the sludge and other debris approaches the area which the outlet pipe is located. A person can determine where the sludge is by removing the tank cover and inspecting the sludge. Another sign of damage is when the inlet or outlet baffles are broken. The sign that a great amount of damage has occurred to the tank is when sludge begins to pour onto the land surrounding the tank’s location.


When a homeowner notices these signs of damage they will need to immediately contact a contractor that is certified to repair Septic Systems Olympia WA. The cost for repairs depends greatly on the type of damage and the amount of damage of the septic tank system. It is important to hire a reputable contractor for septic tank repairs, as these repairs can be extremely complex and need to be handled by an individual who is licensed to make repairs to a septic tank.


In order to avoid damage to a septic tank all homeowners should practice cautionary maintenance on a daily basis. Some maintenance practices include not over filling the tank with water, not putting grease down the sink drain, and not flushing toiletries. By regularly maintaining a septic tank system a person is ensuring that their tank runs efficiently and avoids potential damage.
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