Questions To Ask Charlotte, NC, Moving Companies

It is not uncommon for people planning a move to hear a lot of horror stories from neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family about a bad experience with a moving company. In most cases, these issues have to do with movers not arriving on time, extreme delays in the trucks arriving to the destination and in issues with broken or damaged items and problems with being compensated for the damage.

By taking the time to talk to different moving companies in the Charlotte, NC, area, the risk of having a problem before, during or after the move can be virtually eliminated. The top movers in any area strive to create positive customer experiences during the move, and if problems do occur, they work diligently to resolve them to the satisfaction of their customers.

Years in the Moving Industry

Take the time to consider the years of the company in the moving industry, as well as the experience of the crew that arrives to complete the move. Look for movers who employ their own moving crews and avoid companies who employ the drivers and use day laborers as the moving crew.

The first option ensures trained, experienced and background checked professional movers. Using a cheap mover with untrained and casual employees increases his risk of theft, damage, and moving day problems.

Ability to Move to Your Schedule

Not all moving companies have a top rating as to reliability with pickup and delivery time for your move. Remember, short distance moves are usually completed the same day or the next day, with the same driver and crew.

Long distance moves involve one crew loading and one crew unloading. These longer moves also have a wider window of when the truck will arrive. Top moving companies in the Charlotte NC, area now offer full tracking features on the move, allowing the homeowner to know just when to expect their household contents.

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