Questions to Ask an Animal Medical Center in Timonium, MD

Depending on your pet, it sometimes seems like they are determined to get into everything that can hurt them. Dogs are especially prone to injuring themselves, but cats can do so as well. If you have a pet that is prone to illness and injury, you need to know the number of a good animal medical center. They will be able to tell you what to do in the case of some kind of incident with your pet.

If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

It is well-known that dogs cannot process chocolate properly. Their bodies are not good at digesting the chocolate, which can lead to some health problems. Therefore, dog owners often panic when they realize their dog has eaten chocolate. You should ask the animal medical center in Timonium, MD a few questions. You should ask them how much chocolate is too much. If you have a large dog that eats a small amount of chocolate, it is most likely fine. You should make sure the dog is well-hydrated and probably let it outside since chocolate consumption can cause diarrhea.

You can visit to see what types of services are available for cats and dogs. They can help your dog if it happens to eat chocolate, along with other services.

If Your Cat Gets in a Fight

If your cat gets in a fight, you should call an animal medical center. If you know the other animal that fought your cat, you are likely fine. You should just treat the wounds and keep them clean. However, if they are extensive wounds or if you don’t know what your cat was attacked by, you need to go to the veterinarian right away. If it is a wild animal, it could have diseases that your cat is now exposed to. A veterinarian will be able to treat and/or prevent any possible illness.

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