Parasailing in Destin, Florida Safety FAQ

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Water Sports

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To some people, Parasailing In Destin, Florida seems like a frightening idea. To other people, it looks like fun. You get strapped to a parasail wing and dangle in the air behind a moving boat. Scary or fun? It may be a bit of both. The biggest thing people wonder about when it comes to parasailing is safety. Learn about parasailing safety, and then decide if it is a sport for you.


What are Parasailing Safety Standards?


Parasailing does not have legal safety standards that companies must follow. That sentence alone might scare you away from the high flying sport. However, as recent as 2013, lawmakers have pushed for safety standards. That doesn’t mean you have to wait for those laws to feel safe parasailing. Choose a company that has a captain licensed by the Coast Guard and has been in the business for several years. The company will know from experience what is safe.


What Causes the Most Injuries?


The biggest cause of injury and even death with parasailing is the harness. If the harness is strapped on correctly and is not defective, the chance of injury is slim. The problem comes from sudden wind shifts that push the parasailer and knock them into the water. If the parasailer can’t remove the harness because it is on wrong, it will cause harm. If the harness breaks because of a defect, it can cause injury. Avoid this by using a gondola. You sit inside the gondola instead of dangling by a harness.


How Do I Know a Company is Reputable?


A reputable parasailing company will answer all your safety questions without hesitation. They will let you see the equipment to check if it is well maintained. They won’t let you up in the air during bad weather, even a light rain, because light weather can become bad weather quickly. Even though there aren’t any safety standards, the company will still need certain licenses, such as boating, passenger, and business licenses. A reputable company will also have insurance in case accidents happen.


Now that you know Parasailing In Destin, Florida is safe after a few precautions, do you want to give it a try? Find a reputable company and take to the skies.