How to Choose the Best Office Catering Company in 60602

Whether you are looking for special event catering or daily lunch catering in the 60602-zip code, you want to be sure you choose the best company possible. There are numerous things to keep in mind while you consider the various companies that you could order catering from. We’ll share a few things to think about before signing a contract with a Chicagoland catering company.

Think About Your Budget

Even before you start searching for options for catering, you should determine what your budget is. Doing this the opposite way can lead to a lot of frustration. You might find a caterer who offers great services and food, but then find that the cost is too high to be realistic for your needs. It also prevents the problem of just ignoring the budget and ending up spending far too much on extra services. So, first things first, get a budget in order.

Compare Many Different Companies

You would likely do some research among various service providers for any other office need, and the same applies to your catering service. It can be tempting to sign a contract with the first company you find just to get things done, but this is not the best way to handle the situation. Instead, you should find some caterers and compare them. Get referrals and talk to past or current clients who can share their experiences with these companies.

Hold an Interview

When you get to the point of interviewing companies for lunch catering in the 60602-zip code, you want to ask many questions. One of the most important relates to the staff included with a contract. Depending on your needs, this might include dishwashers, cooks, and bartenders. In some cases, you may also be able to sign up for a package that gives you everything you need at one lump cost.

Make Sure the Food is Great

Of course, with catering, you also want amazing food. This is the most important thing when it all comes down to it. You may also want to be sure that the food offered meets the dietary needs of your staff members. And check that you receive all needed items like plates, silverware, napkins, and cups.

Fantastic Catering in 60602

At J.P. Graziano Grocery, your office can receive lunch catering of delicious Chicago-style Italian foods. Our menu includes sandwich platters, antipasti trays, salads, desserts, beverage, and more. You can learn more or get in contact with us at

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