Finding a Quality New Roof Installation in Alachua, FL for a Home or Business

Snowy, windy weather can cause serious harm to a building’s exterior. From missing shingles to a dangling gutter or leaky siding, the damage caused by a storm can quickly add up. When bad weather subsides, you need a contractor who provides fast and efficient repairs that meet industry standards. Extreme weather conditions can also lead to major renovations including siding replacement or a new roof installation in Alachua, FL.

Durable Roofing Types for Harsh Weather

If a new roof installation is necessary, you want materials that are strong enough to survive the elements. Regions that experience excessive snow, high winds, or hail may want to consider a wood shake roof. Both wood shingles and wood shakes are aesthetically pleasing because they blend well with their natural surroundings. Their optimal performance level can keep a home dry and protected during inclement weather. Though wood can be prone to warping or rotting, a little preventative maintenance can keep a traditional wood shake roof in great condition.

Metal roofs are another smart choice that is attractive and long lasting. Though metal roofing can cost more than other types to install, its durability is well worth the extra expense. Unlike some roofing materials which can lose their luster over time, metal is highly capable of retaining its original beauty. It actually weighs less than most roofing materials but is still able to withstand heavy snow, ice, and strong winds. The energy efficiency of metal makes it an excellent choice for a new roof Installation in Alachua, FL.

For home and business owners that prefer an attractive look, slate roofs are a popular choice. Although slate can be costly, it lasts several decades and will not rot or attract insects. It is also fire resistant, making it an ideal option during hot, sunny weather and extreme heat. Because slate is so heavy, additional roofing reinforcement is needed to handle the extra weight. Homeowners with a slate roof can expect it to last a lifetime, but the underlayment materials will need to be replaced periodically.

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