Exterminator Services in Alpharetta, GA and Rodent Exclusion

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Pest Control

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Mice, chipmunks, squirrels, and other small rodents can get into a home through amazingly small spaces. Just a tiny crack is all they need. They can squeeze their bodies through cracks as small as a quarter of an inch wide. Part of what an Exterminator Alpharetta GA does is called exclusion, meaning the practice of sealing off the home so that wildlife cannot get in.


It’s important for the Exterminator Alpharetta GA to be thorough in making an inspection to make sure no possible entryway is missed. A visual inspection will not be enough. Companies can use sophisticated equipment like infrared technology to locate hidden areas where mice and other rodents can squeeze through.


The equipment also reveals the possible number of mice or other rodents by not just finding the animals themselves, but finding evidence of where they have been. For example, infrared technology can reveal soiled home insulation. The , which not only gives an indication of the animals’ routes and pathways, but also lets you know what insulation needs to be replaced and what areas may need to be disinfected. If left as is, those areas might attract more mice in the future, and it may help prevent odor and disease to remove the soiled materials from within the walls.


Some of the places where homeowners and exterminators have found that rodents can squeeze in are places among the soffit and fascia and vents in the roof and crawl space. The exterminator can seal these cracks and crevices in a manner that blends in with the look of the house so the repair isn’t obvious.


While mice will enter the home through spaces on the ground, squirrels are the ones who will find their way in around the roof line. If they crack they find isn’t big enough, they’ll gnaw away at it until they can fit through it. It may help discourage them from gaining entry by trimming your trees back. They are active all year long and don’t hibernate, so they want to get inside the house and make a nest in the attic to keep warm in the winter.


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