Design Tips for Effective Sign Installation

Quality sign installation can leave you with quite an affordable and effective means for advertising your brand. However, there is a lot more to designing the ideal signage to attract the eye of your target audience than what most people think. Many do not realize all that goes into a successful signage campaign.


When it comes to effective signage, less is more. You will want to keep your message short. The reason for this is because signs are to be read at a glance, so they should be easy to see and understand quickly.

Sign installation is available in practically every size and shape. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you have selected a size that will easily be seen at the distance from which your sign will be viewed. Think about where you will be installing your sign and any obstacles that may obstruct the view. Visibility is key when it comes to successful signage.

Color that Compels

The colors that you choose for your signage campaign is especially important as well. Color provides an excellent way to covey the identity of your brand. A well-designed sign can have the power to make consumers crave a certain cola when they see red or a certain hamburger restaurant when they see the color yellow. In fact, research has found that as much as 80% of trademark recognition is because of color.

When choosing colors for your sign installation, you want to be sure to keep things trendy. You can covey the personality of your company by using modern, current colors. However, you should take special care with this as the colors that people love today may hurt their eyes tomorrow. Therefore, it is wise to consider the longevity of colors when designing the signs for your brand.

Uncluttered Readability

You want the message that is conveyed by your signage to be concise. The message should be delivered to your target audience in the least amount of words as possible. Cluttering your signage with endless lines of text and too many words will make it difficult to read at a distance.

White space is the areas of your sign design that are not covered by graphics or text. Keep in mind that white space does not necessarily have to be white. This empty space is actually one of the most important elements of the sign. It provides contrast that makes your message stand out so it is easier to read. With the right location, proper color scheme and maximum readability, you are all set for successful sign installation in Chicago.

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