Commercial Refrigeration Guidelines – Lockport IL complies

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Business

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With the development of commercial refrigeration, Lockport IL businesses and residents could enjoy perfectly preserved foods all year long. They no longer had to purchase blocks of ice for cooling and freezing. However, commercial refrigeration has come a long way since its invention and the refrigerants used have changed drastically since the middle of the 1980’s. Compounds that deplete the ozone layer have been phased out, Ammonia and carbon dioxide are not being used to the same extent that they once were. They have also been made more energy efficient, which has made them less costly to operate.

The use of HFC in commercial refrigeration Lockport IL

HFC is the commonly accepted type of refrigerant for commercial refrigeration. Lockport IL dealers comply with this regulation because it meets the requirements for refrigeration needs in the industry. HFC’s have a low level of toxicity and they are energy efficient. This means that businesses will realize savings in their operating costs and there is no danger associated with the use. They do not emit carbon dioxide and they consume a lower amount of fossil fuels.

Other requirements of commercial refrigeration Lockport IL complies with

For the installation of commercial refrigeration, Lockport IL dealers are required to test the unit for leaks. The system must be tight and monitored after installation on a regular basis to ensure that there are no emissions of refrigerants. Any emission of refrigerants must be reclaimed and recycled. The type of commercial refrigeration that is installed in a commercial property must be the proper size for the area and the reason for its use. Above all the freezing or cooling unit has to be energy efficient.

Training for technicians of commercial refrigeration Lockport IL

All technicians that work with commercial refrigeration, Lockport IL dealers will tell you, must have a certificate from a recognized college in refrigeration. There is a difference between environmental and commercial refrigeration and those with the proper qualifications are able to install and repair commercial units. They are well trained in all the components in each unit. In addition, when they are hired by a Lockport Il, company, they receive on-the –job training under the supervision of an experienced technician. After passing the required courses at the college, the student must pass certification exams in order to work in the field of commercial refrigeration.

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