All About Furnace Repair In Portland Oregon

urnace repair in Portland Oregon is best left to the experts. If the furnace is not working, it could be due to various reasons including gas leaks, issues with relay circuits etc. This article provides more details on the workings of a gas furnace and troubleshooting when the furnace is not working properly.

The Basic Workings Of A Gas Furnace And Furnace Repair In Portland Oregon

In simple terms, a conventional gas furnace takes in the cold air and uses the air filter to clean it. The gas burner and heat exchanger then heats up the air and distribute it to the house with the help of the blower and the duct work. Return air ductwork is used to return the cooled down air back to the furnace for re-heating. A humidifier might be mounted as well on the furnace.

The efficiency of a furnace is measured in terms of AFUE. Condensing furnaces are often of high efficiency, mostly 90% or more than the conventional furnaces. The main difference lies in the technology used for heat extraction in the heat exchanger.

It is important to understand the basics of gas furnace and be able to troubleshoot if it is not working right.

Troubleshooting Gas Furnace For Furnace Repair In Portland Oregon

 * If the gas furnace is producing no heat at all, check the thermostat first. Ensure that the thermostat is functional and is set to the correct ‘heat’ position. The other possible causes could be a tripped or blown circuit breaker or fuse, a closed gas control valve, a faulty pilot light or issues with ignition.

* If the gas furnace is not producing enough heat the problem could be dirty air filters or dirty gas burners. Also, check if there is any obstruction to the air flow to the air chamber.

* If the gas furnace keeps in turning off frequently, the air filter could be dirty or there could be problems with blower motor and thermostat settings.

* If the blower doesn’t turn off the thermostat could be set to continuous fan running setting. A faulty fan switch on the furnace could also be the root cause.

* If your gas furnace is noisy and you hear a squealing sound, the blower belt might be slipping and if you hear a rumbling sound then either the pilot light is poorly adjusted or the gas burners are dirty.

High Efficiency Condensing Furnace For Furnace Repair In Portland Oregon

Some of the common issues seen with the condensing furnace are a weak flame or combustion problems or ignition problems with the furnace. The possible root cause for a weak flame is an obstructed intake air vent or issues with the exhaust gas circulation. If the furnace doesn’t get ignited, check for clogged condensation drain or clogged flue vent. Pressure switch needs to be tested as well.

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