Your Options In Water Management Services

As a utility or as a property owner with multiple tenants, having a third-party service handle all of your water metering, billing and payment services is a cost-effective option. Not only does this free up your office staff, but it ensures that bills are never late, payments are collected and deposited into your account, and new service is organized without any stress or difficulty.

Not all water management services offer the same level of features and options. Before selecting a service, take the time to consider your options, compare features and to also compare pricing. It may be surprising to find out how many different options there are available.

Meter Installation and Water Testing

While the online billing and payment systems can be managed from anywhere, if you need meters or submeters installed and water testing services provided look for a company with dedicated crews.

A large percentage of the water management services use temporary labor or hire local plumbers to complete the tests and installations. With this practice, there is an inconsistency in the service that naturally occurs. Instead, ask if the company uses their own crews for this work to ensure fully trained and experienced technicians on the job.

Billing and Payments

Online billing and payment options through secure website portals are the most effective option for your customers. By using systems that accept PayPal or major credit cards, processing costs are reduced, and greater efficiency with on-time bill payments can be easily maintained. Some systems are every set up to process eChecks, which is ideal for customers who may not have a credit or debit card.

Customers can pay online 24/7 and payments are very fast with immediate confirmation for the customers. Payments are entered on the system, and all data from water usage to billing histories is available for the system administrator through a console provided by the water management services website.

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