Why You Should Use Cremation Services In Cincinnati, OH

An average of one million persons dies annually in the United States, and over forty percent of these families now choose cremation as the final step in saying goodbye to their loved ones. This number is predicted to increase to fifty percent before the end of 2017. Why the increased preference of Americans to make use of cremation services? The answer is found in several social, economic, religious, and demographic factors.


The total cost of traditional burial rites is significantly higher than that for Cremation Services In Cincinnati OH. Cremations usually cost less than one-third of the amount used in traditional burial since embalming, vaults, and caskets are not necessary for cremation.

If a family chooses to make use of cremation services, it reduces all the additional stress and preparations that go with the traditional funeral service. It not only removes ancillary services’ costs, but it also means the family doesn’t have to pay for a burial plot.

Religious Acceptance

Many religions now accept cremation as a viable alternative to the traditional burial ceremony. Though many religions have a preference for the traditional burial rites over cremation, creation is no longer frowned on the way it once was. Religious creeds that once banned the practice, referring to it as pagan, now accept cremation as an alternative option that doesn’t violate their belief system.

Range of Options

Americans now live very busy lives with little or no time available for planning and executing traditional burials. This is one of the reasons cremation is viewed as having greater flexibility and more portability than traditional burial services. Contrasting with traditional services, Cremation Services In Cincinnati OH can be carried out immediately, but memorial services are usually planned and held, in most cases, weeks after the passing away of the beloved. This is why most families now choose direct cremation and other families may decide to hold services along with the cremation.

Environmental Impact

Due to the number of Americans dying yearly, land is increasingly being tied up for the burial services. A more friendly environmental is the use of cremation services. Cremation requires the use of fewer resources such as burial items and land, resulting in less property being tied up.

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